How To Convert DVD Movies To MP4 On Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

In season virtualization document may be useful for those who have a large collection of DVDs transform your movies to a digital format. Today we will teach how to generate movies in MP4 from DVDs in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux .

NOTE: For legal purposes, we report here that the unauthorized copying of CD’s and DVD’s, even for personal purposes, is considered piracy qualifying by Article 184 of the Penal Code, punishable by imprisonment 2-4 years and fine as. information APCM – Anti-Piracy Association Film and Music . Use this tutorial just for home movies media or with express permission of the owner of the production and distribution of material. Say No to Piracy!

1. (for Windows and Mac) Movavi Video Converter
Movavi Video Converter
Besides being a good option as converts audio and digital video formats, Mohavi Video Converter can also transcode direct video DVD. Just add the DVD, choose the format, set the output folder and send convert.

2. (for Windows and Mac) Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter
More suitable for beginners due to the interface, Freemake Video Converter line is also an interesting option. Just like the previous one, just click on DVD, choose the output format as MP4, select an output folder and start the conversion.

3. (Windows and Linux) Bombono DVD

(Windows and Linux) Bombono DVD
Another option, especially for Linux users, is Bombono DVD, To import DVD video, just go in “Project -> Add Videos from DVD”, select all of the DVD VOB files and open the wizard. From then on, follow the same sequence of steps of the above.

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