How To Block Popups In Safari

If you are someone who do not like you constantly appear pop-ups or pop-up windows when you surf the Internet and use the browser Safari , you have a very simple solution to end them. However, before you get to it you must know that it is possible that some web pages will not display correctly. If you still interested in it, in we explain how to block popups in Safari.

How To Block Popups In Safari Step By Step:

1. When you want to change settings of the various programs that are installed on Apple computers, usually you have to go to the Preferences section. This case is no exception. With the browser open, place the cursor in the top horizontal menu where it says Safari , and in the submenu that is displayed, click Preferences.

2. In the window that will open, with all the options you, you have to click now on the Security tab, which is the place where you’ll find, among other choices, to block popups in Safari or disallow Javascript .

3. As you can see from the image above statement, by default it will appear unchecked the option Block popup windows. To effectively and so be sure to see the pop-up that annoy you, the choice has to be made ​​as you see in the picture that accompanies this text.

4. From now on, besides stop seeing these pop-ups when browsing with Safari, is also likely to increase the speed at which you can navigate.

5. Another option that also allow you to reduce the time in which the web pages load is to block Javascript , something you can do in the same Security tab. However, it is not at all advisable that you do because most of the sites they use and if you block it will be displayed incorrectly.

6. You see, it’s easy to block popups in Safari . Also, if you want to go back just have to follow the same steps to uncheck the option.


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