How To Block Phone Calls On Android Smartphone

Sometimes some people do not know when is the right time to make a call. Is a company that connects in different business hours to push you a product or service, is that annoying friend that connects all the time to talk nonsense, block unwanted contacts calls is always a good idea to get some rest in day- to-day.

Fortunately, those who use smartphones Android can count on various ways to block unwanted calls, either with built-in functions or the application aid. Today Youth Plus India will give some of these tips for those who want to get rid of that inconvenience contact.

In the following lines will teach how to use the native feature of Android system call blocking. Used in the tests was a Razr D1, Motorola, but in spite of devices from other brands present more custom interfaces, the action is the same and works in a similar way in all of them.


Step 1
On the Home screen of your smartphone, tap the address book option, generally disposed in the bottom of the screen:

Step 2
Look at your list by contact whose links you want to block. Tap it to open the general information and tap the icon “…” in the upper right corner:

Step 3
In the menu that appears, simply tap the “Block incoming call” option to make the lock.

Repeat these steps for each additional contact you want to block. Despite the lock is active, any incoming calls will continue to be listed in the call log normally.

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