How To Block Calls And SMS On iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus

The power to block unwanted calls and SMS on your iPhone is a function that always had to be on our phones. While having one of these devices have the advantage of being always connected with your environment, this also becomes a double-edged sword because you are also available for all 24 hours a day.
Sure they will say: “But off the phone and shut case” . I do not think that is the ideal solution because not only will prevent that unwanted contact number with you, but nobody can do it. That is why the option to block calls and SMS is vital.


How to block calls and SMS on your iPhone

If the number is not listed in your contact list

  • Let the record of all calls received. You will see that the right side of each number there is a symbol with a letter “i” (information) in the center.
  • We enter that option and detail of that number appears. Sure, if you do not have that number listed on your contact list, nothing appears.
  • We go to the end and see an option that says “Block this contact”

If You Want To Block Calls And SMS From A Number Of Your Contact List

  • This step is very simple. We just need to enter the contact option.
  • We click the name of the contact block.
  • We go to the end and overemotional option “Block Contact”
  • We select that option and ready !!!

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For both cases, a confirmation window appears prior to blocking with all the options that you are restricted (calls, SMS and Face Time)

Block Calls And SMS

Finally if you want to unlock the contact, which appeared before the “Block Contact”, now it says “Unblock Contact”. We select that option and the process is reversed.

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