How To Activate Hidden Effect To Minimize Windows In OS X

Aladdin effect and scale effect , these are the two animations that OS X offers to minimize windows . However, there is a third hidden animation called Suck (suction) which is pretty cool and that unfortunately does not appear in the Dock preferences . Relax, the trick today we will show you how to activate this hidden effect for minimizing windows in OS X .

Activating Suck to minimize windows on OS X

The steps below will indicate previously been tested by us. We recommend that you follow the instructions as listed below for the trick to work properly.

  • First, open the  Terminal  in  OS X  (found looking at  Spotlight ).
  • Once you have opened the  Terminal , copy and paste the code below:
    defaults write mineffect suck; killall Dock
  • To check if you’ve done everything right opens a window and minimize it.

How to disable the effect on OS X Suck

But what if I want to  disable the hidden effect ? Very simple, follow the steps you have mentioned above. The only thing that changes is the code you need to copy. The first serves to activate the Aladdin effect while the second allows you to retrieve the scale effect:

defaults write mineffect genie; killall Dock
defaults write mineffect scale; killall Dock

We hope you enjoyed this trick. You see OS X does not stop surprising secrets hidden everywhere.

How To Activate Hidden Effect To Minimize Windows In OS X

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