How To Sync Your Bookmarks, Applications And Other Chrome Data On Other PC

A few years ago, Google Chrome brought an extremely useful addition for those who need to use multiple computers in day-to-day: the synchronization of data between two or more premises browser .
In addition to allowing access to your bookmarks, extensions, apps and more easily data regardless of which computer is being used, this option is quite simple and easy to use, simply have a Google account to make it work. Check out how to enable and use of data synchronization in Google Chrome:


Step 01
Click the Menu button and then “Login in Chrome“;

Step 02
On the login screen, enter your username and password Google. Check below the “Choose what to sync” option;

Step 03
On the next screen, just choose which data you want to sync or select all if you want. All data will be stored in your Google account.

If you wish, you can also create a different password to encrypt your data by checking the “Encrypt all data synchronized with your sync pass phrase” and creating a unique password for this purpose.

This way your bookmarks, history, password and everything will always be accessible on computers that have Google Chrome installed and logged in to your Google account.

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