How To Hide Photos On iPhone Or iPad With iOS 8 – iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus

I get tired of saying that iOS 8 comes loaded with new features , many of them have not been given much importance as is the case to hold that post.

If your iPhone or iPad is not always under your control and you do not want any photos to show for whatever reason iOS 8 going to be able to hide.

Here we go, go to photos on your iPad or iPhone , select the photo you want to hide when pressed for a few seconds .

You pop up a message on the image Copy I hide, as it is obvious you have to give the second option , a new message will appear.
give the second option
You are prompted to confirm that you want to hide and warns that not show on the views of Moments, Collections and years, if albums .

Now this photo within an album called Hidden , I think this is what Apple could have worked a little more and put a password so that no one had access.

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To regain your photo on your iPad or iPhone only visible sign in Hidden Album click on the photo and gives Show.

So far for this type of action you had to resort to third party applications that were more cumbersome to use, Apple has realized and wanted to have this option in iOS 8, a great success.

How To Hide Photos On iPhone Or iPad With iOS 8 - iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus

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