How To Hide Apps And Folders In iOS 7 – iPhone and iPad

If you want your iPhone or iPad does have some applications on the home screen Here’s how to do it easily. If you want to hide an app from your parents, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. You’ve come to the right tutorial. Also sometimes even deleting an app keeps popping up on our deck iPhone and iPad. Follow the steps carefully.


How To Hide Apps And Folders In iOS 7 – iPhone and iPad Instructions:

1.To start you must have the latest version of iOS 7 This tutorial does not require jailbreak. This functionality is not only valid but also to hide my folders with multiple apps.

2.The first thing to do is fill out the entry page of your iPhone or iPad with apps and folders must be filled so that you can hide an app.

3.The next step is to put the folder or app you want to hide the dock on our iPad or iPhone, the dock is the area below the screen. In the photo you can see the side of this text is the row where the Twitter application, and mail the envelope icon on the right is a folder with several apps which is we’re going to hide. It is what it is finger-pointing.

4.Once we have the app or folder in the dock and we can hide it, for that we simultaneously press the app or folder you want to hide and the central button of iPad or iPhone as you can see in the picture.

5.If you do it properly screen multitasker as you see in the picture appears, then you should return to the desktop.

6.Notice how the folder is slightly larger than the rest of the other applications? GOOD that means it’s working.

7.While all applications are shaking … You have to play another folder on your desktop, you should not touch the center button, then it will not work. Touching and playing another folder outside the folder will disappear and you will see that the folder has disappeared or app on your iPhone or iPad.

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