[Guide] How To delete Facebook Account – Easy Method

If you got tired of using Facebook and want to permanently delete your Facebook account or decided to “take a break” – and maybe return after some day – in its relationship with the social network, just follow the steps to deactivate your account.

The whole process is quite simple and can be done with few clicks. Facebook also allows that even if you want to activate your account and want to come back later to the network, your all data remains saved and reappear in the same way they were before but your profile is disabled till that period – in this case, “back” comments, photos, links and other activities that you had placed or received on your profile.


Accessing The Facebook Account Settings Option

1.  The first step is to select the arrow at the top of the page (next to “Home” to) and click on “Account Settings” option.


2.  A new page will open with a list of topics on the left side. It, simply select the “Security” icon and then “Deactivate your account” option – which appears as the last topic of the information located on the right side.


Now How To Deactivating your account

3.  Now, Facebook will display a brief of questionnaire about the reasons that why you want to deactivate your account.


4.  Now write the reasons in the “Please Explain Further” After selecting the proper options you want, just click “Confirm” and say “Goodbye!” To the social network.

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