GSA File Rescue For PC – Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 And XP

GSA File Rescue For PC is a utility that is designed to help you recover damaged files. Generally, documents, photos and corrupted songs can not be used in any way, even if only a single byte is damaged.

Thinking of solving this problem, the GSA GmbH program can cause damaged files back to be legible. The corrupted information can not be restored 100%, but overall, it hardly prevent multimedia files become unusable – and that’s where the Poker Client comes into play. The GSA File Rescue system can read corrupted files from your hard drive / pen drive or external CD / DVD.

When running the app, the screen “Attention, This is the Demoversion” warns you that the software is a demo version. To continue, simply click “OK”. Apparently, in practice, the program does not have any restrictions.

Then the main menu is displayed. There are three options for you to check out: “Rescue from one Media”, “Rescue from multiple Media (Batch Mode)” and “Advanced Settings”. In the first option, you must indicate only a drive or directory on your PC and click “OK”. The scan should take a few minutes.

When the scan is complete, a list displays the files that can be recovered. You can use the check box to the left of each item to determine whether the element is restored or not. To begin the process, select one folder in “Destination” (Destination) and click “Next.” If all goes well, the reconstructed files should normally appear in the chosen directory.

The second option GSA File Rescue For PC “Rescue from multiple Media (Batch Mode)”, works at first similar, but is specially designed to recover files from multiple CDs and DVDs. An interesting feature is that you can use filters to restore only specific formats (Rescue only The Following files). There is also a list that ignores the selected formats (Skip The Following files).


Features Of GSA File Rescue For PC

If you have photos, videos or music on a CD, DVD or HD old, it is not unlikely that some of these files are no longer readable. Thinking about it, the developer GSA GmbH created the GSA File Rescue, a program capable of making damaged files back to be legible.

The system, which offers a demo version without practical constraints, works perfectly and like the lean and intuitive interface. You do not find any difficulty in selecting the corrupted files, as a typical Windows Explorer window lets you choose complete directories or select external drives such as pen drives, hard drives and CDs, for example.

A feature that adds points to the GSA File Rescue is that filters are available for the extensions. So you can focus on recovering, for example, only photos, leaving aside any other type of document. The filters not only help you focus on what matters, but also make the process as a whole faster.

Fast, but not perfect
During our testing, GSA File Rescue proved fast and efficient, even displaying the percentage of “damage” that each restored file had. However, the program has its limitations: the system is unable to find and recover deleted items. Also, very damaged files even getting readable again, can not properly fulfill its function.

GSA File Rescue is, in short, a hand-in-wheel time to recover images, videos or music CDs and old DVDs. However, the system does not work well with other formats (according to the developer, ZIP or EXE, for example) in which a few damaged bytes can completely compromise the files.

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