How To Get More Storage On Your iPhone

Photos, videos, text messages, applications that do not use … these are among others the reasons why we usually run out of storage capacity on our iphone.

The first of the tricks that we offer is to delete history and cookies in Safari, so you’ll be freeing up some space in the memory of our terminal.

To do  Settings  > Safari> Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data (confirms the two.)

Another useful tip is to delete text messages , not only refer to SMS but also the applications that are stored as Whatsapp, Line ..

To delete these messages we must do this from the Settings option on the application.

Finally a resource that consumes excessive memory of our cases are the photos, videos and voice notes , so we recommend that you erase everything that although initially you have done very much, after a while it’s useless to have in our memory.

In addition, we remind you that if you will not always erase able to make a backup by connecting it via iTunes.


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