Free Download Talking Pierre The Parrot For Android

Talking Pierre is inside the house! Are you prepared for some fantastic guitar shredding and his reactions will always be unpredicted and very amusing.

Speaking Pierre is an extremely energetic and lively parrot, who resides in Speaking Tom’s kitchen. He’s still a teen and that he loves to cause just as much noise and destruction as you possibly can.

Please Be Aware: When running the application the very first time you’ll be needed to download additional 4-26 Megabytes for the greatest graphics quality for the device.

Whenever you talk to Pierre , he doesn’t just repeat what you are saying … as being a parrot, he takes note of that which you stated formerly and repeats it later randomly.

Thus he combines various areas of your sentences to produce new funny ones. Sometimes he repeats only a part more often than once after which adds something different in the finish.

Try speaking to Pierre, his reactions will always be unpredicted and very amusing.


How You Can PLAY

– Talk to Pierre and that he will repeat having a twist.

– Poke him within the mind or belly and find out what his reaction is.

– Poke him within the feet and enjoy his little cowboy dance.

– Tickle his mind or body to create him happy.

– Press the Blender button to change the blender on. When the blender is making noise, Pierre cannot hear you any longer.

– Press the Tomato button to throw tomato plants at him.

– Press the Cracked Teacup button to determine him throw stuff towards the floor making lovely noise.

– Press water Faucet button to determine Pierre start sprinkling water round the kitchen.

– Record videos and upload these to YouTube & Facebook or send them by email or MMS.

So its a free Apk downlod and enjoy, share this with your friends also any question related to this post you can ask in the comment section.


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