Free Download Photo Warp For Android

Photo Warp is really a fun Android application that allows you alter photos of the buddies and family to give them a funny change.

The concept behind Photo Warp is you load inside a photo, or take one in your camera through the application, then make use of the editing functions to morph it into different things.

The default tool in Photo Warp enables you to definitely push and pull areas of the face area while using touch screen. You will find other tools inside the brush menu that provide you different effects. Included in this are swirls, pinching and stretching. Additionally, there are an Undo brush for fixing mistakes. Each brush has three different width configurations.

Photo Warp is excellent fun to alter, and you can acquire some amusing results. Once you are done editing it can save you your crazy faces towards the Sdcard or share them via Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and more. Great results from Photo Warp are actually excellent images for Facebook profiles.

It's worth recalling that Photo Warp Apk isn't a fully fledged image editor. It is possible you could utilize it to create yourself look a little thinner, help make your eyes bigger, reduce how big your ears, etc. It may be enhanced using the inclusion of the zoom feature for additional detailed editing.


Features Of Photo Warp

- Warp tool (Moves pixels around while you drag the cursor),

- Pinch and Bloat tools (Move pixels towards/from the center of the brush)

- The initial Rebuild brush (progressively starts over the image to the original condition while you brush regarding this)

- Twirl clockwise and counterclockwise tools (rotates pixels around the middle of brush)

- Set brush size and hardness

- Fast and responsive (real-time) manipulation even on older products!

- Use any picture to warp be it out of your camera or any photo out of your device

- Save pictures for your device or Sdcard

- Share your masterpieces online

- Balance asked for feature: now you can open pictures in the gallery application )

- Setting up to Sdcard is supported

- Suitable for Honeycomb (Android 3.x) products

- More in the future soon.


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