Free 3D Photo Maker Download For Windows, Mac And Android

Free 3D Photo Maker – a great program for creating 3D images, developed by DVDVideoSoft Ltd. With it you can create a 3D image format as one or two files. The utility is easy to use, completely safe and is equipped with unique features. See this very easily – is only Free 3D Photo Maker download.

In order to create a three-dimensional image, you’ll need to take two photos of a stationary object. They must be made ​​with a small horizontal displacement, typically 5-7 cm, in order to obtain a desired image. It should be open both images in the application, after which a 3D image will appear in the folder you selected.

Can also easily generate three-dimensional images using a single image. To do this, open the program, import it into the original file, then select “One image” and click “Create 3D!». You just choose the mode of operation, and everything else will make the utility itself.

It is worth noting that to show you need special stereo glasses. Not having these points, you will not notice much of a difference between the ordinary and the three-dimensional image. In general, this is all you need to know to work with the program.

The application interface is multilingual, including the all language there. Deal with the settings Free 3D Photo Maker for Windows can even user who have never had contact with such programs. This wonderful product has a very friendly and intuitive user interface and a minimum of settings, high speed, which allows any user to quickly achieve the desired result.

You will love the simplicity of the utility, because of its use does not require any special knowledge about computers. Many users already she loved for its interesting and high-quality results and ease of use, as well as other programs designed for the design of steel structures Kovka3D. It is in any case useful to you, given the fact that its small size. In addition, the utility perfectly compatible with all versions of Windows. You’ll get an amazing opportunity to create their own 3D a couple of clicks.

The program allows users to create 3D-objects even from the video. One has only to consider that when working with hard to find video file offset. So you have to make videos from one file or use third party software to get the horizontal displacement of the video.

A great advantage of the application is that it is designed for ordinary users, not professionals. It runs completely automatically, and this gives amazing results. In addition, the program will delight computer owners of small capacity, as it has low system requirements and does not occupy much space on your hard drive. All this makes the software one of the most advanced, modern and relevant for today.


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