How To Fix iOS “Error 3194” – iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Maybe many of time you have happened on occasion, or maybe you are going on right now and know not what they should not do. Today we show you  how to fix the “Error 3194”.

Solving The “fatal error”

Not often, in fact I only remember that I’ve been once, and it was a long time ago though, sometimes when trying to update or restore your iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch can happen that we screen pops out error message without being able to successfully complete our claims: it is the famous error 3194 But ….

Why the error 3194 appears when updating / restoring our iOS device?

The reasons for that can skip this error in iTunes to update or restore can be diverse. Let’s see:

  • ITunes may just not be able to communicate with the server upgrade and restoration ( This may be just a temporary thing to have our wifi “butt” and after a few minutes solved, or something more complicated like  the connection is being blocked, redirected, or interrupted by security software, new entries in the hosts file or other third party software.
  • Or maybe they just do not have updated iTunes to the latest version.
  • Or maybe you are trying to downgrade to a previous version of the iOS firmware is not signed by Apple

So what is the solution to error 3194?

Logically, we start with the simplest thing,  make sure that iTunes is updated to the latest version . Of this is done by clicking on the apple in the top bar → Software Updates. If we had not shown any update to the next step; if instead we see a update for iTunes reinstatement proceed to update and updating or restoring our iDevice.

If you’re trying to make downgrade to a previous version of iOS, Apple sure is still signing it because otherwise it will be impossible to continue, at least officially, since when the software verification process is started Apple servers will reject.

If after updating iTunes, or if it turns out that we already had iTunes update, the problem persists and you have some mechanism of TCP / IP filtering, firewall or security software installed on your computer, make sure it is properly configured or uninstall it temporarily.

How To Fix iOS Error 3194

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