Finally After 10 Year Google Shut Down Orkut

Internet titan Google has finally downed their shutters of their social media website Orkut. However, customers can help to save their profiles, scraps, recommendations and community posts via Google Takeout service till September 2016.

Google in June had introduced that it’ll shut low Orkut on September 30, marking the finish of the 10-year run. Orkut was the very first social networking hitting them back on the massive in India, even while other websites like Hi5 and MySpace unsuccessful to trap the elaborate of India’s internet customers in mid-2000s.

However, as Facebook made inroads in India, Orkut’s recognition began waning, and Mark Zuckerberg’s website overtook Orkut when it comes to users list in the united states this year. Google eventually released new social media initiatives like Buzz and Plus to recapture share of the market within the social media space.


Within the June 30 publish announcing the retirement from the social networking, the engineering director of Orkut Paulo Golgher wrote, “It has been an excellent ten years, and that we apologize to individuals still positively while using service. Hopefully individuals will find other online towns to spark more conversations and make much more connections for the following decade and beyond.”

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