File Manager APK Download For Android

File Manager – is a simple, but quite handy software for Android devices that allows you to manipulate files and folders on the memory card of your phone or tablet. You can copy, delete, move, rename, archive and extract files and folders, and perform apk-files. Links under the cut.

With the task of managing the contents of the file system of any Android device perfectly cope Program File Manager. This free file manager contains a list of all the necessary functions.

install a file manager sooner or later faces almost any Android user devices. This is due to the fact that the Android OS does not have their own funds for managing files and folders.

It is because one of the first programs for Android steel file managers. On one such program that has the same name File Manager, we will introduce you to this review. You can skip to the end of the article and download a file manager for Android free of charge.

After you install this file manager can give the impression that this is the work of a student. However, the simplicity of the interface File Manager only means that you will not detract from the file system management bunch of unnecessary features.

The File Manager for Android will allow you to copy, move, rename, delete files and folders as in the internal memory and the external memory card. File Manager also allows to compress the data forming in this zip-files and, consequently, to extract information from them. There is a file manager and a handy search function.
A screen manager files and folders can be presented in the form of an extended list indicating the date and size, or as a list of names. Among the options the file manager interface also only the minimum necessary: ​​changing themes (black or white) and concealment of additional icons to the toolbar.


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