FIFA 15 Ultimate Team App Now Available On The App Store

EA has released new games / apps on the App Store. The first is FIFA 15 Ultimate Team , the mobile version of the famous game of football, in which we find quite gelding game when compared to his older one.

And not talking graphically (logical), but in terms of modes and options, since we can only play the “Ultimate Team” mode , where we will create our ideal computer-based trading card from the more than 10,000 players available, with several options for improvement and customization of equipment.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is free (including in-app purchases for envelopes) and Internet connection required to play. On the downside, we say that for now can not connect with the Origin account, so the team who believe in this paperback version will not be the same that you can have in the console with FIFA 15 and manage the app company I mentioned below.

It is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch

In addition to the game, EA has also released its companion app for FIFA 15 on consoles and computers (Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, One Xbox, PlayStation 3 or PC), from which we can manage our team, and envelopes with our account Origin associated.
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It is also free, but only compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. You can download it from here: iTunes

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