How To Export Your Skype Contacts

Switching Skype profile soon? Take a backup of all your contact list information from your present profile before you decide to switch.

Whether a group of spammers is destroying your Skype, or else you simply determine that you are bored with your present username, you might want to move your contact list and transfer it to a new one account. just recently discussed a article regarding an app which can display you all contact important information in an organized window, however this particular example will be using Skype’s default tools. Leaving out on the 3rd party app means that your data will likely be a bit messier to look at, even so, you will be able to do what needs to be done with relatively very little effort.


This is how to export your Skype contact list:

Task 1

Start Skype and login in your active account.

Task 2

Click on the “Contacts” menu, and then highlight “Advanced.”

Task 3

Choose the “Backup Contacts to File” option.

Task 4

Choose the place where you plan to move your contacts list, for example most of your Documents folder or the main desktop.

Task 5

Hit “Save” from your dialog box to move all the current contacts.

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