Easy Download IsoBuster For Windows And Mac

IsoBuster – a popular program designed to read and recover data from various types of media. Smart Projects developed and helps without any problems to access the files of DVD and CD media, bypassing Windows. There are often situations when the wheels because of various problems are not readable and the OS can not access them. In such cases come to the aid program IsoBuster, restoring user data from the disk.

The program allows you to recover data from these media types: hard drives, optical drives (DVD, CD, HD DVD, Blu-Ray), memory cards, USB-flash drives and even Zip- and Jaz-drive. It gives you access to the media on a physical level in the raw mode of reading. Note that access to the data on optical media implemented using three different methods. The user gets access to the data using all available disk file systems. To try these features, you can download a free IsoBuster.

The utility scans the drives for the detection of lost data, and restores the information that was recorded using packet write data programs. For files that are located on a damaged disk, you can create lists indicating their location. IsoBuster also supports CD-Text, which is an indisputable advantage.

A useful feature of the program is to create and convert disk images, as in other fun and functional program Virtual CD. In addition, you can create files of the checksum and the cue sheet, support for a boot drive. You can easily extract audio tracks to files and extract FAT (12/16/32) files and the files found based on their signatures using IsoBuster.

Among the special features of the program is the support ISO9660, Romeo, Joliet, direct (Little Endian) and reverse (Big Endian) byte order, all kinds of UDF, Rock Ridge (Commodore), long and short file names. Has a function of converting files from DAT to MPG, and view the properties of the drive, regardless of whether they are virtual or not. View content and extraction sectors may carry with HD DVD and BD discs.

Among other things, the distinctive feature of the program is to extract and inspection related Mac files, and extraction Mac binaries. There is also support for virtual sessions inside a single physical session.

easy-download-isobuster-windows-and-mac-145616516516165165The program is fairly easy to use, equipped with a user-friendly interface with support for 29 languages ​​(there are Russian language). It operates using a proprietary algorithm, the purpose of which is to work not only with tracks and sectors and with the disc. The latest version has many improvements and bug fixes. Overall, the program has a tremendous opportunity. We called for only a small part of them. Independently assess them, you can, if you want to download IsoBuster.


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