Download ZArchiver APK For Android Phones And Tablets

ZArchiver – multi archiver for Android phones and tablets with very large capacity. The program features high performance and support for many archive formats. Download on your mobile device a new official free version of this program for Android for a direct link under the cut.

With the help of archiver ZArchiver You can easily create archives formats: 7z, bzip2, zip, gzip, tar XZ, and further unpack the archive documents rar, iso, arj, lzh, cab, lzma, lha, tgz, xar, Z, tbz, rpm, deb , mtz, zipx, dmg, chm, cramfs, cpio, img.


Archiver ZArchiver easy to handle even with multivolume archives, and for the new you can choose the compression algorithm and set a password if necessary. Owners of multi-core devices, feel the power of the available computing resources, as ZArchiver able to perform operations on compressed and decompressed in multiple threads.

If for some reason you need to leave one or more cores for other processes, all this can be configured in the advanced options section of the program. In the latter, you can configure basic settings ZArchiver, compression settings and interface. By the way, the interface language – Russian, but all operations intuitive.

Program ZArchiver easily handles the Russian names of files and folders, and when viewing the contents of an archive you can find a lot of additional information, for example, read a comment or to collect summary statistics on archival documents, and it’s all at the tiny size of the application of 3 MB and it’s free!


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