Download WinZip For Windows PC

WinZip – a popular program for compressing files into archives. This archive boasts user friendliness, performance, and many useful tools and features. Through the program, you can significantly reduce the size of files that can store them more compact. With its help you can also split files into archives of the right size and send email. Download WinZip and install any user, regardless of experience with the computer, because the process of installation and management of the program is very simple.

Features Of WinZip

Archiver WinZip has many useful features, including the creation of self-extracting archives. The program works with all formats of archives possible, so do not look for specific programs for processing individual files – just download WinZip for free and enjoy all of its features. One of the useful features of the archiver is a backup file that allows you to securely save important information. You can set up automatic backups at regular intervals, and you can make up manually, which requires pressing a couple of buttons.

With the integrated FTP client backup files, you can easily fill in the server, but you can simply write to disk, emailed or stored on another computer, so that if necessary you can quickly recover lost or damaged data. When sending files by e-mail, it is important to remember that not always mail servers may miss large attachments, so the file must first be divided into parts. This task copes WinZip, allowing split one file into several files of specified sizes.

Special attention is given archiver security system that provides reliable data protection. After viewing encrypted files temporary files are automatically deleted, and archived files are in the process AES-encryption, which ensures their protection. Created in the archive can be locked by a password that is practically impossible to crack. It is thanks to data encryption and password protection ensures the confidentiality of information, even if it is transmitted by e-mail or share on the server.


Despite the many additional useful features, the main purpose of the historian is to compress a file or files into one file, with which the program deals on “Cancel”. As well as in the archiver 7 zip, in this program you can specify the file compression, ranging from easy level and ending. Depending on the level of compression can vary and the creation of the archive. In general, the archiver WinZip has proved itself as a reliable and simple tool to work with different types of archives and lots of useful features.


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