Download Typing Reflex 3.11 For Windows XP, 7, 8

Typing Reflex – one of the most popular and beloved program which teaches blind printing technique. The developer of this program is to CardinalSoftLtd. Through conscious repetition of similar tasks improves user typing speed and reduces typing errors. To independently verify the capabilities of the program, you can download a free Typing Reflex.

The versatility of the program is largely due to the ability to exercise the art of typing in different languages. Employment structure gradually becomes more complicated. Periodically mechanism offers to perform tasks previously passed that reinforce skills and generates a corresponding reflex.

Special wishes to the student is to have patience and perseverance. Assuming the error result of the entire line is ignored and it is necessary to dial again. It is worth noting that the correction of the error is more effective than a comment or a joke in the same simulator Stamina .

The total time required for the formation of the right skills, according to the authors, from 4 to 12 hours. The main course consists of 120-200 jobs, each of which must be paid no more than 7 minutes. The basic starting point of time depends on the skills possessed by the student at the time of the start of classes.

To create a comfortable working environment with the software author to create an interface similar to the text editor. The interface is built on the principle: “Nothing in excess.” When you run the program on the screen you can see the main window, which displays the task and the quality of its implementation, as well as a virtual keyboard, which displays the correct positioning of the hands.

Unlike counterparts in the market, an analyst in the software not only displays the statistics already completed the exercises, but also predicts the execution of subsequent tasks. The peculiarity lies in the fact that these statistics are not formed on the basis of historical data and the results of the rapid tests the speed of the character set. Thus, the program monitors the student’s abilities, which can be an additional incentive for quality performance given assignments.

Standard principles of software still leaves room for creativity users. The program allows to create their own courses or generate individual assignments, by downloading texts from the external environment.

Due to its compact programs fit in any medium and can be moved to another computer without losing any progress.


With recent updates to the software to finalize changes in the Arabic translation, order of the names in the properties of the course. Author constantly support your product useful updates. Thus, the program is able to surprise even those users who are familiar with other programs of this kind. To verify this, you can download Typing Reflex.


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