Download Sketch Drawer For PC (Windows 8, 7, XP)

Sketch Drawer is a program to convert images into pencil drawings, developed SoftOrbits. It allows you to create both black and white and colored pencil drawings of ordinary pictures, generating accurate pencil strokes. The transformation is done in just a few clicks away. The user need only select the desired picture to determine the type of drawing from a set and start the conversion.

The application provides a set of ready-to-use effects, drawing pencil to obtain various types of images. Thanks to them, you can get drawings in pencil, colored pencil, pen, watercolor, markers, charcoal. Do you have an interesting opportunity to make a drawing of a photo, made certain color pencil. Absolutely all templates are available for editing and changing the settings, you will get the result in its discretion and will.

It is worth noting that the program has a batch mode, significantly speeds up and simplifies the work. If you have the need to convert a large number of images in pencil drawings using the same settings, it is done in a few minutes. It does not matter how much you have the original photos. They can add entire folders or the same one. You only need to check the settings on one photo and you will get excellent pictures of all. To verify this, you can download Sketch Drawer.


Editing photos in the program is available in two modes: either manually or using the preset samples. The samples can be used as a guide for beginners.

Installation is fairly typical. In this case, no third-party applications are not imposed and nothing more can not be established on the computer, nor does that very nicely. The whole process takes a minute. But then to have at hand such an interesting utility never hurts. In addition, the use of all its instruments really convenient.


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