Download Shield Antivirus For PC – Windows 10, 8.1, 7 And XP

Shield Antivirus is an antivirus for Windows that lets your PC always safe, away from virtual threats coming from the Internet or from removable disks.

Like any modern security software, it offers real-time protection to check any kind of change in RAM, the cache and the hard disk. Thus, threats from all fronts are barred before they can cause any problems.

To improve safety and offer more advanced options for new users, there are three types of scans that can be made on the PC for viruses and malware. The “Quick Scan” scans all the most common patterns left by cyber threats on your PC, looking for these codes in the most common places where they usually install.

The “Deep Scan”, in turn, makes a full scan, checking all files and directories on your device for potential security problems. In theory, anything that is in the Shield Antivirus virus definitions must escape this fine mesh.

If you just wanted to see a new drive you just installed on the PC, a downloaded file from the web or a connected USB stick, it is interesting to use the “Custom Scan”, which allows you to choose the locations to be scanned, preventing you waste time scanning the that has already been scanned by the antivirus in other opportunities.


In addition to functioning as antivirus, Shield Antivirus has some extra features to make it more attractive to the public. You can, for example, schedule custom checks on specific dates and times and also make these periodic procedures being conducted once a week, per month or per day.

Besides, in “Tools” section, you have three interesting features to enhance the performance of your PC that are not directly related to virus protection. The “History Cleaner” allows you to delete all browsing history, cookies and other details stored by your web browser.

The “Secure File Eraser” integrates with Windows context menu, and when you click with the auxiliary-click a file, an option to delete the item safely is shown definitively erasing the document and preventing his recovery with later professional tools.

Finally, the Shield Antivirus has the “Star-Up Manger,” which allows you to configure the Windows boot list, eliminating her programs that slow down system startup. After all, programs you do not use frequently need not be opened automatically when the PC is turned on.


Features Of Shield Antivirus

Shield Antivirus is an antivirus that can leave your PC more secured. It has all the features of other more famous competitors and delivers a good sense of security for the user. In our tests, it also managed to find more threats on our computer than Bitdefender, for example.

However, this may not always be seen with a good metric for measuring virus. There is the possibility of false positives due to the different definitions of each developer. Nevertheless, the app was able to identify these items with a certain agility and placed them in quarantine, totally isolated from the rest of the system automatically.

As it is a paid program, if you really want to eliminate these viruses and malware from your PC, you must purchase a permanent license. Some features, such as “Secure File Eraser”, also did not work in the Shield Antivirus trial version.

Paid out?

We understand that software developers need to make money selling their programs, but it is remarkable the amount of similar software to do the same as the Shield Antivirus does and are free. That is, it charges for something that is free in other similar solutions. Moreover, these free competitors are much better known to the general public, which weighs against Shield Antivirus.

On the other hand, the software is simple to use and, on your home screen, just brings the most elementary functions for the user, hiding other technicalities in other screens to not complicate the lives of those who do not have much knowledge about it.

During a quick scan, however, we note that this virus leaves very slow system and can greatly disrupt the lives of those who are working. Therefore, you should not schedule periodic checks to not convenient times.

Anyway, we can say that it is worth considering the Shield Antivirus if you are behind a new virus, but it is interesting to keep an eye on price.

Download Shield Antivirus

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