Download Polaris Office APK For Android

Polaris Office – a free software package for Android tablets and phones, allowing both view and create documents MS Word, PowerPoint presentations, and spreadsheets Excel. The program also works with text files open formats can view PDF-documents.

The package of software tools Polaris Office allow you to edit and create a new leaf documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Ie Polaris Office contains analogs programs MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

As usual, you can download the Polaris Office on Android with support for All languages at the bottom of the page and immediately start working with office documents.

It is noteworthy that all of the software tools of the office suite Polaris Office allow you to work with MS Office documents as well as on a PC, ie You do not run into problems with scaling. This will use Polaris Office on Android devices during presentations or other collective work, the more that in Polaris Office has the means to work with cloud services such as: Dropbox, OneDrive, WebDAV, Box, etc.


When editing or creating documents by means of Polaris Office, you can use a large set of active functions that allow mobile device to configure the keyboard to edit the worksheet, add headers and footers to the document, add endnotes to the bottom of the document, etc.

Polaris Office when working with documents, spreadsheets and presentations allows you to use 24 templates that are 20 types of 2D and 3D graphs, geometric shapes 173 and 300 functions for automated data reduction data.


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