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PC Registry Shield is a tool that helps you clean the Windows registry system and leave the PC functioning more fluidly.

Basically, it serves to fix the automatic entries in the Windows registry so that when the computer needs to see something there, he did not find problem or wrong information or disjointed.

Errors in the registry usually cause strange crashes and performance issues in general. Having many of them in the system is also harmful, since information applications and actions that no longer exist can lead to conflict or even derail the search for truly useful data. That is, keep records of the system always up to date is important to the computer, especially in older versions of Windows.


How to Improve Your PC

To start using the PC Registry Shield, you only need to install and then run the program. An automatic scanning begins immediately and, in a few minutes, you already have some results to evaluate. Unfortunately, as it is a test version, you can only fix 10 problems. Buying a perpetual license, you can delete them all at once.

As extra features, PC Registry Shield also allows you to handle defragmentation of your hard drive to make information more accessible to the computer. In times when HDDs are so efficient and that SSDs are so fast, this is not a maintenance so popular, it is still valid for older devices.

You can also handle the Windows boot sequence, and can exclude and include apps in the list of programs that open so that the operating system is started on the PC. Remove unnecessary software in this list is important because they make your device to slow down soon after starting. With fewer programs there, you can use Windows more quickly after putting it into operation.

Features Of PC Registry Shield

PC Registry Shield is a good solution for those who need to keep your PC run the smoothest way possible. He can fix problems in the system logs and eliminate those that are no longer needed. Thus, when Windows need to access some information there, any delay or problem should occur.

It is very simple to use PC Registry Shield because the program already do almost everything automated. It scours your device as soon as you start the software for the first time and, in a moment, begins to show results. Unfortunately, without buying a perpetual license, you can not fix any problems found. The program says it can remove 10 of them, but in our tests, it could not be done.

The interface is not very challenging for users with less knowledge about operating system maintenance. It brings the main functions and highlighted on the home screen, and yet, you can check more advanced options in other sidebars.

Download PC Registry Shield

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