Download MX Player APK For Android

MX Player – simple free audio and video player. Due to its simplicity and the possibility of external hardware decoding on MX Player for maximum performance and quality when playing HD-video on Android phones and tablets. Download the apk-file with a free player can be under the cut.

One of the important functions of the Media Player MX Player – is a function of hardware decoding, which allows to squeeze the maximum out of Android devices, while consuming a minimum of resources and, consequently, the energy of the battery.

This function, however, is not available for all supported formats, but for most of the HD-video, you can use it. Himself MX Player download for Android you can below.

In a simple block of options free player MX Player, you can customize a playlist, player, decoder, audio, can control the display of the subtitles and the general parameters of the program, such as: storage space off, loop when playing etc. All the settings are correctly grouped into thematic headings.


During playback, MX Player will allow you to zoom in and some of the parameters of the screen. For example, optimally adjust the brightness of the device to the long-view does not cause discomfort to the eyes and at the same time to save battery power.

From myself I want to add that the program MX Player perfectly demonstrated in tests as budget smartphones and tablets on performance. Of course, the best effect is achieved by hardware decoding on multi-core devices running Android.

Project MX Player ulterior motive is very popular among users. Developers are constantly releasing new versions of the player that support more media formats and iron, running OS Android.


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