Download Mozilla Firefox Browser APK For Android

Mozilla Firefox Browser – the browser from the company Mozilla, which is now available for Android devices. The new version of this program contains everything you need for a comfortable pastime on the Internet, download files, viewing multimedia content, and all this at the highest level of reliability and stability.

But the latter case, Mozilla Firefox is quite rare and usually these problems are not entirely correct interpretation of some CSS-styles. The rest firefox able to offer the highest level of stability among all browsers. You can download Firefox for Android phones and tablets in the block just below the downloads.

Besides the fact that Firefox supports all modern web technology, it also has a number of additional functional enhancements that greatly simplify the work of the Internet. Among the key: a smart address bar with automatic search as you type, secure password manager, download manager, translator pages and much more.

Extension module allows you to configure Mozilla Firefox for themselves in a well-designed unit browser settings button, access to which is located at the end of the top of the screen. There you can get access to additional tools firefox elected tabs to switch between mobile and regular versions of the site.


Firefox on the same screen shows only one open page, but at the end of the address bar there is a button with a picture of the total number of open pages. Clicking on it takes you to a screen where the thumbnails of all open in Firefox web pages. They can rewind as the tape to activate the desired page or closes quickly.

At the end of this brief review, we note also the quality of implementation of the interface Mozilla Firefox. Among mobile browsers in terms of interface and speed of response of the various controls at a comparable speed display Web content, as well as the overall stability of the work does firefox perhaps the best Web browser at the moment.


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