Download Magic Particles 3D For Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows 8

Magic Particles 3D  is a comprehensive software developed as an editor FX, enabling you to create professional-looking special effects to video, such as fireworks, explosions and other effects on the basis of the particles.

Certainly, there are many who want to learn and do the dynamic effects, they decorate their photos, videos. Using the software, Magic Particles 3D , which has developed Astrax studio, make colorful visuals can anyone even without experience in such programs, because its interface is simple and clear, and the numerous functions and features allow you to create great special effects. This editor allows you to implement their ideas on the computer, creating fantastic patterns, animals, plants and everything that your heart desires.

Even if you do not have the knowledge of computer graphics using the program, you can quickly and without difficulty to create stunning special effects, whether flying comet, intricate patterns and images. The editor allows you to create not only effects, but also embed them in photos and even videos. Program MagicParticles 3D. It is perfect for both experienced designers and photographers, and for ordinary users who want to decorate your school, student or wedding album, animate pictures, add videos, etc zest
Thanks to the convenience and simplicity of the program, it can help to just a few minutes to create your own visual effects and decorate them a picture or photo. Moreover, it has trained more than a hundred of template effects, so you can not invent the wheel, but to use already created special effects, creating with them their creations and decorating their home photos and videos.

The new version fixes bugs editor specialized precursors, as well as new tools and templates. With the new features of the program to create colorful visuals even easier. To ensure the convenience and functionality of the program, you can download a free MagicParticles 3D and try to create your own special effects or use already prepared template effects to create a spectacular image, or to decorate a photo.

Features are almost limitless, so anyone with its help translate their ideas on the computer display. To make the dynamic images, the program provides such objects of physics, like a magnet, an obstacle and the wind. With the help of a magnet repel or attract possible particle tracks obstacle collision, and the wind is presented as an external force. In the program, you can literally manage events, create and destroy particles, modify, delete and create objects of physics and more. This version of the program can be installed in a separate folder, keeping the performance and functionality of the program earlier.

Download Magic Particles 3D For Mac OS


Download Magic Particles 3D For iOS


Download Magic Particles 3D For Android


Download Magic Particles 3D For Windows 8


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