Download KMPlayer [HD Video,Media,Free] APK For Android

KMPlayer For Android – simple but functional player for phones and tablets. This free Android application allows you to watch on your mobile device, movies, music videos, TV shows and any other videos, including high definition video (HD). The program has a very simple interface and control system during viewing.

Player KMPlayer understands a huge number of video file formats. To name just the most popular ones: avi, mkv, mov, mp4, mpg, 3gp, m2ts, vob and a number of other video and audio formats. KM Player also contains the latest codecs H.265 and VP9. You can download KMPlayer for Android latest version at the end of this review.

Immediately after the start KMPlayer will search for all multimedia files on your device and displays them in a scrollable in the vertical list showing thumbnails of the video, its duration, file size and resolution of the original image. This list KMPlayer can sort by name video files, their size or date.

Slide to the right or left upper button will open the main menu KMPlayer, where you will find a lot of useful, built-in explorer, favorites, access to the camera, the settings of the program and the help system, as well as to cloud services KMP Connect and Google Drive.

During playback, KMPlayer gets minimalistic look. All controls are hidden by default, but tap’u appear. Above shows the name of the track, and at the bottom all the basic playback controls: play, pause, scrolling and transitions.

It is noteworthy that such parameters as the brightness of the picture and sound volume flow KMPlayer allows you to adjust the vertical gestures. For brightness meets the left side of the screen, and for the volume, respectively, right. On the big screen this is especially convenient.


Additional features include support for KMPlayer subtitles and the ability to accelerate and slow down the playback of any video in real time.


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