Download DU Speed Booster Cache Cleaner APK For Android

DU Speed ​​Booster – This free program for Android will help to clean your phone or tablet from garbage and temporary files that can help optimize resources, freeing up space in RAM. Also in the app is integrated free antivirus that detects and removes Trojans, and other malicious programs.

DU Speed ​​Booster Program will take over all system troubles, offering you only in one way or another to control the process. Even users with no experience with similar programs easily tackles Control Speed ​​Booster.

As mentioned above, DU Speed ​​Booster just one tap on the screen activates its powerful algorithms for finding and removing residual files optimizes memory freeing up 60% of the resources that allow to start, for example, intensive game. Just below, we will consider these and other functions Speed ​​Booster more and download DU Speed ​​Booster for Android can be at the end of the article. The new version of DU Speed ​​Booster extends.

Immediately after starting the DU Speed ​​Booster will Evaluative all problems and show the percentage (approximately) can be increased productivity of your device. Tap on the large round button in the center to activate the process of optimization.

Under the Home button above DU Speed ​​Booster also contains six additional items: accelerator, remove, use, test speed, good battery. Some titles may seem ridiculous, but the intent Speed ​​Booster is quite serious.

Application Manager DU Speed ​​Booster will allow manually install and remove applications, and erase debris remaining after the various programs and games. For the latter, incidentally, DU Speed ​​Booster is able to concentrate the system resources to provide significant performance gains. Additionally, you can use memory optimization module, which will in demanding 3D games even greater acceleration.

Good help to all the above is security module DU Speed ​​Booster, includes antivirus and manager permissions and test the speed of Internet connection.

Antivirus module from DU Speed ​​Booster will help in identifying and removing malware and spyware and Trojans. Manager permits from Speed ​​Booster adds security measures that allows you to control the list of applications that have access to critical areas of the phone or tablet. For example, access to the contacts.


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