Download Dolphin Browser APK For Android Devices

Dolphin Browser For Android– a new Android browser, actively gaining popularity among users all over the world. This free program is different from its competitors simple interface, gesture support and special expansion modules. The browser is available in the classic assembly and assembly mini, which is perfect for the budget Android devices.

Dolphin Browser contains the entire list of major and many additional features that make use of the Internet in pure pleasure. Go to the end of the page to download Dolphin Browser for Android devices.

Dolphin Browser visually looks very simple, allowing you to visit a web page with a maximum savings of system resources. The first striking organization of tabs. By default, they are not hidden, as in most mobile browsers, as shown in the top panel of the main window Dolphin Browser, which is common for PC users.

Other main features Dolphin Browser: intelligent omnibox (address bar) and a home screen that contains the tiles frequently visited resources. At any time, you can access the settings browser Dolphin, downloads, bookmarks or extensions with a special translucent icon at the bottom left of the screen.

In the settings you can set Dolphin Browser homepage and default search engine, but the most interesting feature – a setting or choose from a list of gestures to control the browser Dolphin. You can draw any character or symbol that can be used to access any functions or browser to call up web pages.
Among other functions, Dolphin Browser will allow you to synchronize the settings on all your Android devices, one-touch sharing web resources with your friends through various social networks, and download a lot of applications for Android from a special shop. But if all these possibilities Dolphin Browser you are not enough, you can extend its functionality by means of specific modules that are in the public domain.


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