Download ColorNote Notepad Notes APK For Android

ColorNote – Free Android software, which is designed to quickly save text notes in a list. Each note has a date of creation, because you can request a list of add on specific dates. For ease of navigation, you can set your color palette. Learn more and download this free program you can under the cut.

Create electronic sticky notes with ColorNote very simple and convenient with thought-interface. After the launch of the electronic notebook you enough tap’a only one to go to a new record.

You can download ColorNote for Android in the downloads section at the end of this review is to always have on hand to record the program notes, current affairs and other events.

ColorNote opportunities are not as great as that of the complex organizers. In fact it is a simple notepad where you can create a list of notes on the day when you need more time to do as much as possible and do not forget. Each note has ColorNote date because you can manage your list using the built-in calendar. There is also a global search function.
Despite its simplicity, ColorNote allows you to protect any note a password that does not allow an attacker to the theft of your phone or tablet, learn confidential information. Well, to protect against data loss built-in backup.

In ColorNote there are many ways a flexible visual organization records. This is a way to represent them in the form of tiles or list, and the ability to create stickers right on the main screen Android device using a special widget and different color schemes.


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