Download CM Security AppLock Antivirus APK For Android

CM Security AppLock Antivirus – a very popular Android software, which is designed to scan for malicious applications on your phone or tablet. Can detect not only dangerous software, but also the various vulnerabilities in installed applications, and in the system as a whole. Download software, see Anti possible under the cut for free.

The more popular it becomes the system Android, the more interesting it is for fraudsters and virmeykerov. Because of data security best disturb advance and help in this CM Security.

CM Security AppLock Antivirus is good because it can not only identify and address the real threats, but also to inform about potential. Besides CM Anti easily save you from adware and spyware, if detected in the system.

CM Security – this search algorithms and vulnerability analysis. As is well known, even safe programs from trusted developers can cause identity theft or contamination. All of this occurs when an attacker first detects a critical error in one or another popular program.

Search malware and vulnerabilities CM Anti produces in one module. After checking the antivirus will show a summary table with the applications that are dangerous, and the right to describe the problems and the solutions. For example, if it is malware, it is expedient to simply delete, and if this vulnerability, in most cases, the Board will download the new version, which is already fixed this or that problem.

Individual attention, auxiliary modules CM Anti such as: blocking calls, search for debris, optimize memory and protection applications.

Blocking calls in CM Security is a fairly simple mechanism of “black” and “white” lists. You enough to specify or select the number from the magazine and more you will never bother any calls from this number, no SMS messages. For more fine-tuning block unwanted contacts recommend to watch this program .

Module to search for debris and optimizing memory CM Anti inherited from the famous program Clean Master . It will help you to find and remove junk files and remaining in the system, as well as to free some memory.


Protect applications – this is a new module in CM Antivirus, which has already received a lot of positive ratings from users. CM Security lets you set a password to run certain applications. Thus, even if the phone gets into the wrong hands, it will not be able to get to the data that are of value to you.


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