Download AVG Antivirus APK For Android

AVG Anti-Virus is well known to PC users. AVG AntiVirus has established itself as a fast, functional and reliable tool to detect and remove viruses and other malicious software.

It is because AVG antivirus for Android devices already entrusted their phones by millions of users worldwide. We propose to consider the basic functions of the program in detail. You can also go down and download AVG antivirus for Android phone or tablet.

AVG AntiVirus main window already contains all the basic controls for the various types of inspections. AVG antivirus security complex consists of modules: “Protection”, “Performance”, “theft protection” and “Privacy”.

Protection – AVG Antivirus This module is designed to control the parameters of inspection of files and folders. You can select the types of files that should be scanned or ignored, can learn how many relevant AVG antivirus databases and other information, as well as set an antivirus suspicious and malicious objects.

Performance – This module aims to AVG AntiVirus fine-tune the system to save resources, energy efficiency and clean it from different file collection.

Protection against theft – a great add-AVG Anti-Virus allows you to block certain functions when requesting non-standard operations. For example, lock the device when replacing the SIM-card. This module is activated after free registration AVG AntiVirus.

Privacy – module allows fine-tune the distribution of access rights between various applications and increase safety when working on the Internet.

Thus, the AVG antivirus for Android is able to completely take your device under his vigilant control. With this program you will always be warned when receiving SMS suspicious and potentially dangerous before you install the software.


AVG Anti-Virus is distributed in several assemblies. On the links below you can download the regular version and the version of AVG for a tablet, which is off a number of functions are valid only for mobile phones. We have put both versions in one archive.


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