Download Audacity 2.0.6 For Mac, Linux, Windows

Audacity – one of the most popular, free applications include audio editors. The developer of this program is the company Audacity Development Team. The authors have provided an opportunity not only to the application with the majority of digital media formats, but also with recordings of classic media audio information: cassettes, records, etc., which allows to give a second breath of old records or just keep them as a backup file future. Work with this software mono start simply with the fact that the load on your computer and configure Audacity Free for Windows.

This software allows the user not only to work with ready audio materials, but also create your own by recording through the microphone. The main factor in the comfort of this function is a complex approach to the creation of a new file. First, the client sets up the application on the sound mode, holds the record. After that, in the working window of the program you can choose where to save the data, or to carry out pre-processing.

Rerun the playback of the file, the user defines the problematic fragments of records, then choose the function that will help to remedy the defect, performs elaborate. After repeated listening, if the final result satisfied customer, you can save the file, if not – you can continue to edit or restore the original version of the record. Thus, there is no need to create a copy of the files that will save intermediate results. At the same time, if the result after applying a particular function does not suit the client, using a special button to cancel the function alternately. This aspect also saves space on the computer resource and the time that you may need to re-do all the work.

With the functions of cutting, pasting, copying, deleting tracks is user can edit existing audio files and create new ones. In the first case, these options help eliminate unnecessary fragments records that have poor quality or little value to optimize the size of the audio material without changing the recording quality. In the second case, the application will be the ideal companion when creating greeting, presentation of audio files, potpourri, and audio for video or collage.

Data import feature allows you to convert audio recording from one format to another with minimal loss of quality of the material, the result of which users will appreciate the gadgets. If Audacity download and install on your PC, edit audio recordings will turn into a pleasant hobby of hard work.


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