Download ApacheConf PRO 7.3 For WIndows

ApacheConf – support software designed to administer the server Apache. The developer of this software is the team Zecos Software. The main function of this software application is to set the parameters with the server by making adjustments to the configuration files of the main application.

Setting ApacheConf not take much time. Working environment presents a graphical interface (GUI), which carried out the changes. Through the application GUI administrator saves the time required to make changes to the existing settings.

Due to the hierarchical construction of the primary server, graphical interpretation is the best option to provide the information. Adjustment mechanism is the ability to make changes of a general nature, as well as create an individual profile with a server on a more detailed level. A similar principle of operation is implemented HSLAB HTTP Monitor RE for novice administrators when dealing with the changes will clarify and helpful hints from the application of information options. At the same time, the structure of the software include a description of all the directives that can be used when configuring the server. Optionally, the user can randomly get acquainted with them, examine the example of their application.

Software complex provides an opportunity to monitor and administer multiple servers simultaneously. Depending on the resource capabilities, implemented remote file access settings via FTP or SSH. If necessary, the client can use the Wizard function (PHP or SSI), by which the possible automatic writing commands to add or suspension of appropriate support.


The administrator receives quick access to the logs of the primary server, as well as a specialized editor that emphasizes the syntax and allows collapse similar directives. Also in this Software Management features the work of local server, which includes start, stop, restart. Start the server method can be implemented using a specific default configuration file or the currently open file.

It is worth noting that the administrator can oversee the work of the server by using a remote computer. Easily be launched, stop restart the server remotely. Thus, the customer is not tied to their desktop workstations and expeditiously can control the operation of the server.

This application allows you to analyze the performance of the file httpd.conf, to conduct its testing and, if necessary, make the proper adjustments. Also keep records of their own mistakes, which is discharged in the report request. As the benefits of working with the server can verify if the download ApacheConf.


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