Download AnTuTu Benchmark APK For Android

AnTuTu Benchmark – a very popular free software for Android, designed to perform a series of special test tasks on your device to determine how many of its high performance in comparative terms to other devices. Allows you to test all your hardware devices.

Antutu Benchmark will select individual tests for CPU, memory, graphics and I / O devices, and in the end will provide a concise and detailed reports. Go to the end of the page to download the AnTuTu Benchmark for Android and define the place of the just your device in the overall standings.

Immediately after starting the AnTuTu Benchmark determines and displays the initial screen of your device. In the tab “INFA” Antutu Benchmark gather all the information about the hardware and the operating system: make and model of the processor, number of cores, clock speed, the model of the graphics accelerator, screen resolution, the Android version, and much more.
On the “Rating” developers AnTuTu collected several tables with those devices, which scored maximum points in AnTuTu Benchmark. Needless to say, after the first successful completion of the comprehensive test Antutu Benchmark put in these comparative tables and your device along with the number of points.

In addition to a complete test AnTuTu can help in checking the screen of a mobile device for the presence of dead pixels, and arrange test stability. In the latter AnTuTu Benchmark CPU load various mathematical problems in parallel by measuring the change in temperature of the battery. At the end of the test will be plotted.


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