Download Animoto Video Maker For PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, XP)

Animoto Video Maker is a web application that lets you create your own movies from your photos and music, which you can then put on your website or blog. This guided step by step so that in less thanĀ  five minutes can do.

Animoto Video Maker in the normal free version allows to create our own videos up to 30 seconds selected from our computer and multiple arrangements as adding text, pictures music, all in three simple steps. The result is a very professional and a great video that can be hosted on Animoto or post on YouTube.

Animoto Video Maker gives you get music for your video may choose between two options: a song that you have saved on your computer or any of the site you ofrece.El the music will mark the transition between still pictures and images should be in JPEG or GIF format and not weigh more than 5MB.

If you wish to make a videoclip making use of your own pictures and music, Animoto Video Maker is among the simplest and straightforward solution that will give you amazing results. Furthermore, you does not need to install anything, as the operation is finished using it . web from the program.

You simply need to take a look at its website. Videos that might have been obtained from a musical videoclip musical or in the presentation of the new Apple product, is going to be easily designed for you with this particular simple program. To creat a relevant video such as these ones is straightforward with Animoto Video Maker , as you simply need to stick to the assistance it has, that will guide us in most the steps. Essentially, we will have to pick the pictures that you want to use and also the tunes that you want to use in it.

Then, we will have to base our work within the templates from the ones obtainable in Animoto. We’ll also have the ability to add text and decice the way the image transitions is going to be.


Once finished, it makes sense greater than profession with a little of excellent taste we’ll have the ability to enhance our presentations before you obtain the smile of the public.

We’ll have the ability to have our presentations free of charge with the web of the identical application, and share the outcomes by Facebook, e-mail, etc.. If you would like more options and freedom to produce and save your valuable Animoto videos, you will find always various premium plans that will help you to achieve this because the trial version doesn’t.


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