Download Adobe Reader APK For Android

Adobe Reader – a simple free program for working with PDF documents in the “read-only”. The software package contains a set of all necessary features to view, search, and conversion of PDF-documents. Adobe integration tools allow you to associate Adobe Reader with Web applications your Android device.

Adobe Reader allows you to work with documents in PDF (including security documents) in the “read-only”, but it provides some additional features that are available in versions for the PC.

Adobe Reader – a great software tool with regular updates for fast and high-quality viewing of documents of any size in PDF. You can download Adobe Reader for Android on this page to block downloads.

For example, Adobe Reader allows you to make notes directly on the document as a special color and style selections. It is possible to leave a note in the comment anywhere in any page, and even leave graphic design.
Adobe Reader allows you to customize each option notes. You can control the thickness of the pen, color, opacity, scale, schedule and perform other manipulations with options overlay. All these settings are at your fingertips in a convenient menu.

Pages of PDF-document can be presented in several forms, allowing you to customize the pagination for yourself. For example, cascades or paged slider. In any case, the comfort and convenience when watching guaranteed.


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