How To Disable The Notifications Center And The Control Center From Lockscreen

Get quick access to the Notification Center and the Control Center from any screen of the iPhone is, in my opinion, one of the most useful things we have on iOS.

However, for some people it takes over a matter of privacy, for queae can be uncomfortable to read all notifications received or the data displayed by the widget to strangers or other unauthorized persons. To prevent access to applications just lock your phone and enter a security code that is not allowing it to escape Lockscreen, however the Notification Center and the Control Center are also viewable even from the lockscreen.


Then we go to see how to disable these two services, only the Lockscreen.

Notification Center

  • To turn off the notifications from the center Lockscreen simply go to Settings> Touch ID and Password (you will find just the item number if your device does not disponde Touch ID)
  • At this point you will be asked to enter your security code or to create one.
  • Once you enter the section, scorreta Page down until you find the “Allow blocked if”
  • Through the various switches, you can disable the information you want to hide only the lockscreen from: the Today screen of the Notification Center, Notifications tab, Siri, and function of Passbook Reply with message. Of course, to the end of our drive, turn off the first two only.


Control Center

  • To turn off the Control Center from the lockscreen just go to Settings> Control Center
    From this page you will need to turn off the switch at “Access from Lock Screen”.How-to-Disable-Control-Center-on-Lockscreen-in-iOS-8


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