How To Disable Java In Mac

Java is a handy plugin on many occasions, but it is also true that usually in the center of many attacks and threats to computer security. Tends to create vulnerabilities and could make your Mac had just become the victim of an attack of malware . And the truth is that, after all, Java is not required for a large majority of the websites. Want to get rid of the plugin? In tell you how to disable Java in Mac.

How To Disable Java In Mac Step By Step:

1. Java is a plugin that is installed on the various web browsers, so if you have multiple deactivating have to go one by one. In Safari, go to Preferences and in the tab that says “Security”, uncheck the box that says ” Enable JavaScript “. For the change to take effect, restart your browser.

2. If you use Chrome on your Mac , type in the address bar of the browser chrome: // plugins / and press Enter. You will see the list of all the plugins you have installed. Search the Java and click “Disable”.

3. To disable Java in Firefox , go to Tools> Plugins. There, go to the “Plugins” tab and look for Java. Click on the dropdown menu to the right and check “Do not activate”.

4. What you do with all these steps is to disable or disable Java in different browsers, but the truth is that the program remains on your computer. If you want to completely get rid of Java to be even more secure, you should remove the plugin. To do this, go to Finder> Applications and in the search type ” JavaAppletPlugin.plugin “(without quotes).

5. Click the right mouse button on the icon of JavaAppletPlugin and select “Move to Trash”. Then empty the Trash to make sure that the plugin has disappeared from your Mac.

How To Disable Java In Mac

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