How To Disable The Beeper In iPhone And iPad

As you know, every time we use the virtual keyboard in iOS 8 in iPhone and iPad devices make a sound or audio feedback helps us to better interact with our iOS device. Sometimes these sounds can be annoying, for this reason, below are the ways we have to disable the beeper on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8 .

As already mentioned, depending on the time in which we will use our iOS device (iPhone, iPad) to write a message, email or chat by WhatsApp probably have times when you need to turn off the beeper, then we two simple ways to disable it.

Disable keyboard sound permanently

Keypad sounds when writing on the iPhone and iPad are enabled by default in iOS 8 , an option to not sound passes mute the iPhone keyboard permanently, it is possible to do so through the , for this we settings of the device:

  • Open the Settings iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
  • We go to the section called Sounds .
  • In the new window we move to the bottom.
  • We disabled the option Keyboard Clicks .

Once we leave the device settings may notice that the device keyboard no longer sleep, these changes take effect instantly and do not need to restart your iPhone. In this case, if you want to reactivate the sounds have to follow the steps above and select the option Keyboard Clicks .

Turn off the sound temporarily keyboard

Another alternative we have is the ability to disable all the sounds our iPhone and iPad, this obviously also include the sounds your keyboard, to this simply need to press the mute button, this button is located next to the buttons volume, or let down the volume down button, in the case of the iPad, so that you stay mute or silent. It is important to note that using this feature completely off the sound of our devices, so if we call the device will not sound.

Obviously always depends on the situation but, equally, we would like to know which of these two ways to disable the beeper iPhone, iPad and iPod touch do you usually use. We prefer to disable them permanently.



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