How To Disable Automatic Creation Of Shortcuts To Applications In Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is the main source of applications for users Android . Despite its open nature favor the proliferation of many low quality apps and even malicious software – that Google search now constantly fight – over the years the store green little robot has been offering an increasing number of good options paid and free to spice up your smartphone.

One of the existing features in the Play Store is the automatic creation of shortcuts on the Home screen whenever a new application is installed. However, not everyone likes this convenience and you may want to simply see the home screen of your phone quite clean.


For these users, Android offers the option to disable the automatic creation of shortcuts on the screen. Check out how to make it super simple way:

Step 1
Enter the Play Store by shortcut available in the Apps screen. Tap the Store icon in the upper left corner to display the menu and as a result, go to the “Settings” menu;


Step 2
In the settings, now just uncheck the “Add icon to the home screen” option.

Add icon to the home screen

Thus the Android cease to create new shortcuts and you can do this manually if needed.

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