How To Delete The U2 Album From iPhone Or iPad

The announcement of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch has also accompanied the release of Songs of Innocence , the new album from the band U2 Irish. Officially presented during the event of Apple, the disc is freely available to all users from the iTunes Store, but which was not the surprise of many people to realize that this was going through automatic downloads of the songs to the device itself?

Occupying just over 100 MB in space, the full album was downloaded without permission for people devices, which quickly raised issues related to privacy and right to choose. Through social networks, many people have complained about the U2 “shoved down our throats” while others have hoisted the flags of individual protection stating that if Apple can send an entire disk for your phone or tablet without authorization, what else could she do?

Anyway, there’s not much to do about it. From now on, you have a U2 album in your playlist, whether or not a fan of the band, and it will be linked to your iTunes Store account. However, you do not necessarily have to have it installed on your device.

How To Delete The U2 Album From iPhone Or iPad

To delete songs and recover the space occupied by them, the process is similar to many other IOS contents. In your list of disks, follow the path to Songs of Innocence to see the full list of songs. Unlike the act of download, but you can not delete the songs all at once. So you need to do this one by one by dragging your finger to the left on the track name and, following by clicking the “Delete” option.

Note that in doing so, a symbol of a cloud with a down arrow appears next to the name of the song. That’s the option to re-download the song if you wish to have it back in your device ever. Also you can hear without downloading by simply clicking the name of the song and play it to the cloud.

The process applies to any song acquired by the official Apple store, with the process being exactly the same. This method, however, does not apply to songs downloaded from other services or platforms and loaded into the device through iTunes. In this case, you must connect the device to your computer and open the software to perform the process manually.

Avoiding Automatic Downloads

For some, the unauthorized placement of an album in the lists of its members is a flagrant violation of their privacy. Other minimize the issue stating that there is no difference between, for example, a disc of U2 and a system update, another type of device often automatically applied to games, devices and services.

What few people know is that it gives, rather, to control exactly what is automatically downloaded to your device, and who received Songs of Innocence automatically made ​​him to be with the option that allows it enabled. To change things, go to the Settings option and without then choose the iTunes and App Store option.

The last option is called “automatic transfers” and that’s where you will be able to choose exactly what kind of content will be downloaded to your mobile phone or tablet without your express permission. As always, of course, any choice has two sides. In one of them is greater control over what is being charged, but on the other, comes greater complexity in the use of iDevices.

Show All

For Apple, the possibility to automatically download the content has to do with practicality. Thus, purchases made by the computer, for example, can be loaded on your iPhone and iPad without you having to do it manually, finishing so you want. The idea is to synchronize the content library on all devices.

If you really hate U2 and not want to even remember that the band exists, clear also the “Music” option, first of all, under the “Show All” section. Thus, your device will display only the content that is downloaded on your device. Bono is linked to your iTunes account, but if you want, you no longer have to come face to face with him.

The Ultimate Solution

Reluctantly, but hearing the cries of your audience, Apple also released on Monday (15) a tool that permanently removes the U2 album of the list of users from the iTunes Store. To complete the process, it’s like a free offer had never occurred. It’s a simple page with a single button that, when pressed, completely erases any trace of Songs of Innocence in your music library.

Apple advises that users wanting to go back may do so until the 13th of October, when the gratuity of the disk and also its exclusivity on the iTunes Store is closed. After that date, the album will be available for purchase and can usually be downloaded like any other product from the iTunes Store.


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