How To Delete iPhone Backup In iTunes (Mac)

Create manually or automatically a backup of the iPhone is the safest mode to ensure the integrity of our data in case something goes wrong. There may come a time when you decide to delete some old backups, for lack of space or other reasons. Let’s look through this guide,  how to delete a backup from iTunes and iCloud on a Mac or Windows PC, or directly from the iPhone via iCloud.

We specify that although the guidance is published using an iPhone , in the case of the iPad the process remains the same.

How to Delete an iPhone backup in iTunes (Mac)

  1. Start iTunes
  2. Press cmd   +, (comma key). Menu will open the General Preferences
  3. In the General Preferences tab, select the Device
  4. Now we will be able to see a list of all the backup files saved in our Mac to sync all devices with the same iTunes account. Select the rescue that we want to delete by clicking on it .
  5. Select Delete Backup in the lower right, and confirm your selection in the pop-up will appear to verify that follow.
  6. The backup file will be deleted forever from our Mac.


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