How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Facebook is the world’s largest social network with more than 1 billion users scattered in hundreds of countries. But not everyone is happy with the many changes that the social network has suffered in recent years. Maybe you’re one of them and is no longer excited about the ability to share photos, comments and videos with your friends through Facebook.

If you no longer uses the social network, delete your account may be the best option not to idle your information on the network. Below, we prepared a simple tutorial on how to delete your Facebook account permanently.

1. Access the link exclusion

After you on Facebook, follow the link:

This link will take you to the delete page of your Facebook account. Remember that this process is not only to deactivate your account, but to delete it permanently. Click “Delete My Account”.

2. Safety Check

After completing the previous step, a window opens for you to perform some security checks. You must enter your password and the characters of the displayed text. Then click “Ok”.

3. Your account will be deleted in 14 days

A new window will appear, reporting that in 14 days your Facebook account will be permanently deleted.
Remember that if you access your account in 14 days, you can cancel the deletion process.

If you do not repent to delete your account permanently, do not access your profile within informed. After the period no other user will have access to your photos, videos or any personal information.


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