Day 5 Secret Society Member Puneet Issar Enters Bigg Boss House

Day 5 episode of Bigg Boss 8 was certainly filled with drama as a person in the key Society, Puneet Issar, also became a member of another 12 participants within the BB08 Air carriers. It’ll so happened that Bigg Boss requested the key Society to select a weakling among themselves so they selected Puneet.

Not to mention, being sent in to the flight, Puneet is now an regular passenger losing all control and immunity granted otherwise to some Secret Society member by Bigg Boss. Puneet was be tossed from the Secret Society due to being more understanding for the participants and renouncing the punitive measures and choices. While Deepshika and Pritam ongoing to become people from the Secret Society, manipulating the people, Puneet would now continue his journey like a member on the airplane.


With lights heading out and smoke since the ground round the flight, Puneet Issar designed a bigger than existence and dramatic entry. Puneet was welcomed with noisy shouts and cheers. While other passenger didn’t know of him and they’ll be wanting to know him, Arya and Minisha have already been through it of knowing Puneet from before. Regardless of his familiarity, the sensation of uncertainty will grip Arya because he later doubts the objective of Puneet being sent lower to visit this journey using the relaxation of these. Err.

Also everybody celebrated the birthday of Praneet Bhatt within the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss had stored a cake specifically for Praneet and everybody sang the birthday song for him and given him using the cake.

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