How To Create Slow Motion Videos With iMovie – iPhone, iPad, iPod

The cameras of mobile terminals available to our generations are better and have higher quality in all aspects , can get from the same stunning photographs even in the worst lighting conditions or imposing videos , which can provide very good and effects achieved.

Today we want to show how you can start new projects video using iMovie or continue existing, but giving a twist to our videos transformed into real footage in slow motion . These are the steps :

  • On the home screen of our phone, click on iMovie .
  • Within iMovie have two options once you want to start a new project, or start to burn, or select one of the videos that we have previously recorded.
  • Once we have our selected video or recorded, we click again on it , and in the icon bar at the bottom of the application, click on the second icon shaped timer .
  • Once you click on the icon, is a matter of moving o’clock on the bar to the right if you want a fast motion video , and left if we slow it down.
  • Fixed speed, we have our video in slow motion or fast motion if we decided well, ready and prepared .

We hope this little guide has been helpful and from it you can unleash your creative talent and riding real movies or videos in slow motion . If you have any questions about any step to take, or have not been able to complete the process of recording and subsequent editing for any reason, you can leave us a comment below .

How To Create Slow Motion Videos With iMovie

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